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Fill Any Web Forms
With Your Customs
Fields Templates
Easy registration for Forums profile,
Guestbooks, Web2.0, Authority sites, ...
Load URL list
Create A Profile
Fill !
In one click load a list of URLs.
Tons of plateforms are supported :
forums (phpBB, SMF, vBulletin, ...),
blogs (WordPress, BlogEngine, ...),
guestbooks, and many more.
To fill a form, you can create your own
template, or load an existing profile.
Profile files are very simple,
they contain the field name and its value.
All fields type are supported (input,
checkbox, radiobutton, textarea, ...).
One click on Fill it ! button
and the web form will be completed
(don’t forget the captcha !).
The working is very simple
and very effective.
No limits !
I want RapidFormFiller now !
I want RapidFormFiller now !
I want RapidFormFiller now !
Buy now !
RapidFormFiller (v1.0.300.0)
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Archive ZIP, 2.0 Mb, internal Help.
Instant delivery !
Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista/7.
Min. 50 Mb HDD & 512 Mb RAM.
Portable application. Enjoy it !
Try the free Trial version
In the demo version you can't load
or save Profiles, and the number
of fields is limited to 5. Also, PageRank display is disabled.
Archive ZIP, 2.0 Mb, internal Help.
Try RapidFormFiller now !
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